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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A Teen's Guide to Giving a Great Mother's Day Gift

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If you are like me, teens or young adults may be in abundance at your house.  Now that they are older and may have a j-o-b, you may be able to get a Mother's Day gift.  Wouldn't that be nice?  But how do you let them know exactly what you want?  I've put together a quick guide just for them.
You can thank me later. ;)

Hey there, I'm Stacie and I'm a mom of teens, so I know a thing or two about Mother's Day.  Mom's big day is coming and you want to give her something nice, right?  I have a few ideas that can help you out in this area. Ready?

*What is her favorite color?  Start there.  An accessory like a scarf or earrings in her favorite hue would always be appreciated.

*Is your mom into makeup?  Gift cards to Ulta or Sephora are sure to make her squeal.

*Flowers and candy will always brighten her day, just make sure that the flowers are not brown or old looking.

*My favorite gifts to receive for Mother's Day are gift cards.  My kids often buy gift cards to my favorite stores like H&M.  Got siblings? You can all pitch in to give her a bigger gift card.

*If all else fails, cash inside a nice card can easily get the job done.  Trust me, she know's just what to do with it!

Now if you are short on cash?  Then try these gifts.

Make mom a hand-made card.  Check out Pinterest for some snazzy ideas.  Remember, It's the thought that counts.

Give mom the day off and offer to clean the house for her.  Let her rest while you and ask dad to help you cook dinner.  She'll love that!

Think outside the box. One year my kids made a funny picture collage from Walgreen's that was actually free (or really cheap), and I absolutely loved it!

Hopefully these tips are helpful to ya!

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  1. Good ideas, especially the day off one LOL...I could have used lots of those when my kids were teens.


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