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Saturday, December 30, 2017

A Gold Winter Coat to Keep Warm on Cold Days

I know the holidays are almost over, but I'll be rocking my gold winter coat well into the new year.


I took this picture a few weeks ago before we got much snow on the ground and it wasn't ridiculously cold outside. Today is -3 below with wind chills between -20 to -40. Yikes!

a women wearing a gold winter coat outside

H&M Gold jacket (similar)

I bought this gold jacket just before Black Friday and got it for a steal at H & M. It was just $15! And it is super warm! There's no hood on this coat so I'll have to be sure to wear a warm hat and scarf with it.

a women wearing a gold winter coat

The only thing about this coat that's a bit awkward is the placement of the pockets. Why are their pockets on my boobs? I like to put my hands in my coat when it's cold so I'll have to be sure to wear gloves and have a nice tote to keep them in.

a women wearing a black tote with red lips on it.

Speaking of totes, isn't this tote with lips super cute? I love anything with lips on it and when I saw this one at my local Charming Charlie, I just had to have it. My daughter ended up buying it as an early Christmas gift. Thanks chica!

Happy New Year to you all!



  1. We get cold mornings about 22-32 degrees this time of year. That is a stylish way to stay warm. I have a puffer vest with hood, and often wish I had gotten a jacket. But, it warms up during the day into the 60's. I can't imagine living full time with weather like that. I've only visited a few weeks at a time when it's that cold, and brrrr. Stay warm! Happy New Year!

  2. I love this and the bag! It doesn't get that cold here in Miami, but it would be great for traveling during the winter.

  3. yassssss coat! h&m always has super cute coats for the low. that pocket placement IS a little weird but its still super cute.

  4. Cute cut and fabulous color! Stay warm!

  5. Very Cute! I love the lips on the bag! I just purchased a bag on Charming Charlie around Cyber Monday and it was $17 but it was originally $78.

  6. Cute look and in my mind, there is no specific season for sparkle, so rock it when you please. And I love the lips on that tote.

  7. Oooh look who's fancy! I love it and that bag with the pop of read is simply the perfect pairing!

  8. You know the first thing I noticed was that lip tote bag. Its super cute. I'm feeling this metallic coat too. I don't need a hood because I generally don't wear hats.

    Your puff is growing, looking good.

  9. Super cute coat, especially since I'd probably NOT pick that color for myself.
    You're glowing in the gold.

  10. I love the gold! I think that the high pockets are ridiculous as well, but I think they are geared more towards people who put nothing in their pockets in the first place. My oldest child loves H&M, and I like them quite a bit too, but never find anything when I go with the intent of finding something. It's always when I'm not supposed to be in the store! LOL!

  11. I love that coat. I do need a new one. My plan is to get one at the end of the season when all coats are on clearance.

  12. Cute coat and cute bag, you're ready for the cold weather!

  13. Great coat. Those temperatures sound dreadful. Please stay warm.

  14. Having a big tote is so critical in my area because they now charge people for shopping bags.

  15. I really like the whole look. The jacket looks nice and super comfortable. You have great taste in bags. I really like that one.


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