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Monday, February 12, 2018

Love Yourself this Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is this week and I know we will all be out shopping trying to find Valentine's Day gifts for our sweethearts. But I want to challenge you to be sure and show yourself love.

Self-love is the most important love there is. For some reason, this has been hard for me to accept. As a wife, mom, and grandma I have lived a life of putting others first. I've often felt that I was being selfish if I did something for myself without addressing someone else's needs first. 

Also, as Christian, I've been taught that you put others needs before your own. But even Jesus needed time to himself every now and then. That's important to remember.

God said "I have loved you with an everlasting love" and we will never know the fullness of His love if we don't believe it. But the truth is if you don't love yourself, you cannot truly love others. Loving yourself doesn't mean you are selfish. It just means you care about your well being.

Tips for Practicing Self-Love this Valentine's Day 

1. Buy yourself flowersMy husband is not a romantic and I usually get upset that he's not, but this year if he forgets the flowers I'm going to make sure I get some. If you are single don't wait to see if so and so will come through with a bouquet. Buy those flowers yourself!

2. Pamper yourself.  Paint your nails, give yourself a facial or pedicure. You are worth it. girlfriend!

3. Do something you enjoy. If it's reading, get a new book and read away. If it's exercising, do that. Just make sure it's something you love to do.

4. Lastly, do something nice for someone else. I know I this is about loving your self this Valentine's Day but hear me out. When you do something for someone else it will often put a smile on your face and make you feel better your situation. Say something kind to a stranger or give a card to someone who doesn't expect it. All that love you give out will surely come back to you.

In what ways are you practicing self-love this Valentine's Day?



  1. self care/ self love is very important....If you don't love yourself how do you expect to be able love and care for others?

  2. Such an inspirational and motivating post. Thanks for sharing these tips with us.

  3. I used to buy myself flowers often, and I loved picking them out I need to start back doing that again! And I totally agree if you dont pour into yourself you wont be able to pour into anyone else.

  4. I am going to have breakfast with a friend, go to the gym, love on my little one and take a long hot bath...oh and fix some favorite foods.

  5. I have been seeing this message all around these days. Is God trying to tell me something? Thank you for sharing this advice/tips.

  6. I totally loved reading your post. His word teaches us to take great care of our temple and your self care tips are so simple to implement.

  7. I agree with all of this. I love flowers and I purchase them for myself often.

  8. I honestly think people shouldnt put so much pressure on this holiday. If you are single it shouldnt be a way to self-loathe but to self-love and just appreciate other things in life. Buy yourself chocolate or not give the holiday too much energy it just a day.

  9. Loving ourselves should always come first. Or else we surely can't love others.

  10. I'm having dinner with the girls on Saturday and I'm looking forward to it. That is my "self love", there is something about my girls that energizes me. I will also make time to get a fresh haircut. I always feel better when my hair is fresh.

  11. Great message that more people should read. Self-love on a day that is focused on receiving love from an outside source is so important especially for those the void of a Valentine.

  12. Love this message! Self-love is so important. I had a wonderful valentines day caring for myself. I cant pour onto others if my cup is empty.


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