Stacie Raye

Resources for Those Who Seek to Understand the African American Struggle

I wanted to write this post for all of my dear white friends and followers who seek to have a better understanding of the issue of race and want to help be a part of the change. Here are several books, movies, and other resources for you and your families.


How the Killing of George Floyd is Affecting Me Personally

I've struggled with writing this post. Since the senseless cop killing of Geoge Floyd took place, I have watched the news 24/7 and have not slept much. Not only because of how tragic this loss is to the black community but also because it's in my own backyard.

black woman standing next to George Floyd memorial


Memorial Day Sales You Don't Want to Miss

I can't believe Memorial Day is actually here. The days seem to go by so fast and it's hard to keep track.

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