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25 Days of Christmas Deals- Day 11?- Secret Santa

I know were a day off, but I promise, I'll catch up.

Well, we all may have a Secret Santa in our lives. If not from work, maybe a church group or someone at school. Here's a great inexpensive place to shop.

The Dollar Tree! Ha, I know some of you may have already guessed. There, you will find a host of great Secret Santa gifts. I found a really nice gift for my son's Secret Santa at school. This is also a great place to find quick hostess gifts too.

Stacie's tip: I love making gift baskets and have done so for years.

  • Get a basket and fill it with bath and body items. They have lotions, soaps, bath sponges. Wrap it with cellophane and shredding, and all that cost about $5.00.

  • For the pet lover, fill the basket with dogie treats, toys,and a collar for the same price.

  • If you pick a guy as your recipient, no worries. Fill a basket with work gloves, duct tape, measuring tape as well. For the Metro-sexual guy, Men's trouser socks, and shoe polish kits will be a big hit. You'll also find Men's body wash, deodorant, and cologne, but make sure it's something they would like.

These are all ways to get a quick gift without breaking the bank. Happy shopping!


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