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25 Days of Christmas Deals- Day 5 Support an Indie

This weekend I will be setting up my booth (You Go Girl! soaps), at the No Coast Craft-o-Rama, a huge craft show held at the Midtown Global market. This is a juried show and I am psyched about the opportunity to show my bath treats to more than 8,000 visitors!

Which leads me to my tip for our Christmas series. This year, try to make a purchase from an Indie Business Owner. What's an Indie? Well anyone who makes and sells their wares as a side hustle for fun, or a full time job, like me.

Now, I know we love our big box retail deals and steals, but when you buy Indie, your purchase will support a local crafter and his or her family. Many of us have taken on small business endeavors just to make ends meet. Your patronage this holiday season could be just what an artisan is hoping for.

So now your sold on the idea and want to know exactly where to find Indies. Well I thought you'd never ask! Look for craft shows in your town. There, you'll find a variety of gifts that are one of a kind, and usually very affordable.

Also check out Etsy.com. This a website similar to EBay, but all handmade items. It has a great community feel to it and you'll find high quality work and a friendly shopping experience. Take a look at my Etsy Shop here for an Etsy example.

Find more info about the No Coast Craft-o-Rama.

More wonderful Etsy Shops


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