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Review: Ghirardelli Chocolate Peanut Butter

I decide a long time a go that I was going to start doing many reviews of products that I like, love, and those that I would love to try. I used to be a secret shopper and have a lot of experience doing this sort of thing.

So here is my first review on The Coupon Sista!

Recently, I tried a new Ghirardelli Chocolate, Milk Chocolate with Peanut Butter Filing. This was a special treat for my since I love the tasty combination of Chocolate and peanut Butter. As you would expect from Ghirardelli, the sweet, brown, goodness was smooth. The next bite was a bit of a surprise. the Peanut Butter started creamy but then I bit into small peanuts. It was different for me since I am used to creamy peanut butter and don't really care for the crunchy kind. I think it would be better without the peanuts though. However, since I like the combination, It'll do.

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