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I thought the customer is always right!

Today I had to ask the question, "What has happened to customer service"? I had the opportunity to change my phone service from one well know carrier to Qwest. I was promised a $200 Walmart gift certificate, which would have surely come in handy , as well as 3 months of free telephone service.

What really happened was my order was lost, yet Qwest kept calling me about my service order. It was all very strange. I was told to just start a new order, but I would lose my promotional incentives. But later that evening, I got yet another call regarding my order date.

Just when I thought it would all work out, I decided to call Qwest just to be sure, and I got the most rude rep. I had ever spoken with who even hung up on me!

Now I had a choice, deal with it in order to get the deal or stand up for what I believe in, which is the lost art of customer service. Since I have worked in customer service for several years as a phone supervisor, you can guess what I did. I cancelled the order and negotiated a better deal with the company I was with.

Sometimes a good deal really isn't a good deal if you going to be treated badly as a customer. I made a choice for the principle of the matter that means the most to me. How about you? Ever had to turn away from a seemingly great deal? Tell me about it!


  1. Well good for you. When my hubs and I switched internet service they lost our $100 visa card gift and when we called they lost it again but they fixed it and was very sorry about it. You would think they would jump over themselves to help you...bad customer service...the big dogs would go crazy if they knew.

  2. Your right, and I'm still thinking about writing a letter to their corporate offices.


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