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I made it to Blogher '09!

The last few days have been roller coaster ride of emotions and indecision for me. Deciding whether or not to attend Blogher '09, getting a ticket, cancelling, then trying to get another one. I've also had to deal with fear, anxiety, and just being alone at the conference.

Thank goodness for friends and family that have prayed for and encouraged me to attend. i am having a wonderful time because of it. The atmosphere is charged with empowerment and joy. I'm lrlearning a ton, making great connections, and the swag isn't bad either lol.


  1. I've never heard about BlogHer til recently...maybe i'll make it next time.

  2. You will definately enjoy it! It will be in New York next year. If your closer to NY, try to go, you'll be so glad you did!


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