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What the heck?

I'm sitting her in utter amazement. Cars have continued to drive down our street. And people are walking down the streets as if it were the State Fair. Gawkers are stopping in front of our house taking pictures of my car. Right now, the Minneapolis Park employees are cutting up a tree that looks like it will go any minute.

Why is this happening? Because a tornado hit my block! My inner-city home, and several homes in my area. I still cannot believe what I am seeing. It's chaos that is slowly calming down. Power is back on which is good. But then there's the car. My Car. What am I going to do about my car!
If I take a walk around the corner, I can see peoples garage completely flattened. Houses left exposed by tumbling trees. The mayor has been here, and many countless neighbors survey the damage all around, shaking their heads saying, "Where were the sirens'?

So where were the sirens? Our sirens didn't go off until 20 or 30 minutes after the damage was done. I pause to look out and see more people stopping to take a pic of our car again. I'm probably going to see it on the news or something. I just needed to write and share a bit of my frustrations. I'll post the pictures later.


  1. Hey Sis,
    Sorry to hear about you car. Good to see you and you family are OK. It will all work itself out!

    Another Coupon Sis


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