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All grown up now

Today, my beautiful daughter turns 18 years old. I haven't been dreading this day as some may think. No, I've been looking forward to it. Yes, I know it's time for her to spread her wings and fly solo, and truth is, she's independent and can't wait to do so. No, I'm ready for what wonderful opportunities await her.

Kay has always been talkative and very feisty ( I wonder where she gets that from). She's always been that way, even as a little girl. And she could sell you a piece of lint if you'd let her. I guess you could say she definitely inherited the gift of entrepreneurship and she'll be a excellent business owner someday. This child of mine has purpose and great potential. With focus, she will go far in life.

I now must release her into the hands of God to care for her, watch over her, and give her wisdom for her days ahead. My prayer is that she would head the words of her parents, mentors, and pastors, and reject the naysayers and the pressures of the world around her.

That she'll also be a strong woman of faith, a strong black woman, like her aunts and great grandmother before her.

I trust and know she'll be alright 'cause she's been raised right! And she's a good girl. A sweet child. God's child. My child!


  1. Happy Birthday to Kayvonna! She is a sweet talented young woman - I'm excited to see where she ends up! Tell her hi for me!

  2. Thank you for such sweet compliments! I will tell her you said hello.


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