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Shecky's Pre Party in the "Mini" Apple

Last night, I had the pleasure of attending Shecky's Ultimate Pre Party, an event prior to the Girl's Night Out that's taking place next Tuesday in downtown Minneapolis. Myself along with about 100 other women, got together in the beautiful Calhoun Beach Club to get Raspberry Red manicures, and Hair and Make Up done all while sipping you guessed it, Raspberry Mojitos! (I'll take a Sprite please!)

Once inside, we were all welcome with a silvery gift. I found out later that it was a decadent bar of Ghirardelli Dark & Raspberry Chocolate bar and a pack of Raspberry Soft Lips Lip Balm, which I just happened to run out of I might add. Ooo... I can't wait for the Shecky's Goodie Bag!!!

There were a few vendors their enjoying the evening as well. Angela from the Windy City represented Ting, her cute and clever purse hooks. You'll definitely want to nab one, or maybe two of these next week.

I also chatted with Markus from East 42nd St. Salon who was super excited about the launch of a hot new nail trend that has yet to hit the Twin Cities. If all goes well (fingers crossed), Shecky's ladies will be in for a cutting-edge treat!

So girlfriend, if you haven't already signed up, what are you waiting for? You can attend for FREE and the Infamous Shecky's Goodie Bag is only $12.50, but valued at $100! I know I sound like an infomercial, but you know me. I love my freebies!!!


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