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My Very First House Party with Glory Foods!

I hosted my first ever House Party this past Saturday. The theme was Glory Foods and I must say it was glorious! I had been planning this get together for over a month and was ecstatic when my House Party kit arrived in the mail. I was supplied with games, recipes and coupons, and southern style dihes from Glory Foods to serve to my guests.

I whipped up some Black Eyed Peas and Rice, Green Beans and Potatoes, my own Honey Cornbread and Sweet Tea. To top it all off, I made my very first Sweet Potato Pie. Now, I don't really like Sweet Potato Pie, and the only ones in my house that eat it are my boys. I figured they could eat the whole thing if they wanted and it wouldn't bother me at all. But you know what? That pie was actually pretty good!

It was a busy weekend and I didn't have many guest, but it was a nice intimate gathering of my family. We shared stories of "back in the day", and "remember when", which is always a lot of fun.

All in all, it was a great party and I can't wait to host another one!

So....just what is a House Party you may ask? Well, let me tell you girlfriend. House party is a new way that companies are advertising their products. They send you a product and ask you to invite your friends and family over to try out the products. You ad your own little twist to the occasion and viola, you've got a House Party! Check out House Party website and join the fun! You'll be partying in no time!

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