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So You Want To Start A Business: Part 1

Some of you enjoyed the post I wrote on how to start a teen business, but thought, "Wait! What about me?" So I've decided to dedicate the next few weeks to writing about a topic that I am very passionate about. Becoming an entrepreneur! I'm going to share some of my own personal tips, and believe me, this is long overdue.

I come from a family of home grown business owners. I'm reminded of my grandmother's small home office, where she ran a construction business she had opened with her brothers. She had many business endeavors. From a cleaning business with her husband, to a joint catering venture with her cousin. I have fond memories of when my grandmother (Granna is what we call her), would bring me fresh roasted Cashews still warm, after cleaning Sam's night Club, which is now know as First Avenue. You know, the nightclub Prince bought? Anyways. I also had a brief stint with my Granna over the summer as a teenager, helping her sell boxed lunches at Pilot City, now North Point. Ah, those were the days. I guess you can say I definitely got my drive from her.

Other family members were examples too. I can also remember my Uncle's hardware store on Plymouth Avenue in North, Minneapolis, which I believe, was the first African American hardware shop in that area. And my own parents had many side kicks, like selling Avon, Tupperware, and Amway. I guess I was just born to do this and haven't realized it until now. It's where I come from. It's in my blood!

So maybe you have a story similar to mine. As a child, maybe you've always been known in the neighborhood for your delicious lemonade stand. Or, perhaps you've desired to start a business out of necessity. Whatever the case, I'll try to shed some light on just how to get there.

And when I say that, I don't mean that I have arrived, by any means. I'm still working on getting there! It takes hard work and a resilient spirit to make it in this world of commerce. So I'll just ask you three questions and if your honest with yourself, they'll help you decide if this journey is one you want to take.

1. Why do you want to do this? Do you have a burning idea that you just can't shake. If so, you just may want to start looking into it further. I have often heard people say "find a need and meet it". And most times, the thing that makes you the most angry, is the very thing you were created to change. Sometimes it's your purpose in life, your calling. Preach Coupon Sista!

2. Are you in it for the long haul? If not, I'm going to be real with you. It won't last. Because if you can't dedicated long, hard, and sometimes unpaid hours, no one else will either. And many times you'll want to throw in the towel, trust me I know. But you have to find the strength to keep moving because your breakthrough may be right around the corner. (O.K., starting to preach again).

3. Finally, do you have support? Is your spouse behind you? Do your friends and family think you make the absolute best Sweet Potato pie and want to help you spread the world? You WILL need their help. Like it or not, you are not an island and it's hard to make it on your own. You will need friends to volunteer to help sell those pies they love so much at Craft shows and fairs. And if your significant other isn't with you in this, it will be a lonely journey and it could lead to strife in your relationship.

So what do you think? Do you have what it takes? Good, I think so too! Tune in next week for part 2, where I'll out line your next steps.

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