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Running on "E"

This weekend, I went to a youth conference called RELOAD. For the last 3 years, I have attended and been blessed by the speakers and workshops.
This year in my attempt to get new and fresh ammo, I neglected to get one precious thing, sleep! And it cost me, dearly!
For some odd reason, I woke at 3am Saturday morning and never went back to bed. So you can imagine, a sister was dragging herself around at the conference. It didn't help that it was raining outside either!
I enjoyed Praise & Worship by Shachah, and I managed to hear a challenging word about donating One Day's Wages by Eugine Cho. I attended the youth conversations workshop and learned more about health and what the Sabbath (rest) really means. All this and I could not manage to stay awake! I had to cut out early, (after the laptop drawing lol) and go home to lay down. But first, I had to stop by Little Caesars 'cause there was no way I was cooking! I think I managed to sleep in for the next 2 days just to catch up.
So did I learn a lesson from all of this?
I guess I just wanted to be real with you all. Sometimes, I'm on a roll and my posts come out fast and furious. Other times, I just need sleep and the later prevailed this past weekend. I know that I shouldn't feel the need to explain myself. As moms, we all have these kind of days. But we all have to take care of ourselves in order to be more effective. Believe it or not, I'm still dragging a bit, but pressing to get through it all. I think I'm going to consider taking that 1 day out of 7 to do more resting and less running.
How about you? Can you relate?

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