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Simplifying My Life

Life has been a bit chaotic for me lately. The kids are out of school now, my daughter has graduated, and my plate is getting even more full. I play the role of a college guidance counselor, and now, a reading therapist, to help my youngest who has really struggled this school year. Not to mention, my middle child's birthday is this week, and I've got to make sure he doesn't get lost between his other siblings drama. I am in desperate need of a break!

For some time now, I been feeling the need to draw away and get some much needed rest. A few months ago, I attended a workshop on taking a "Sabbath", and thought, that's a good idea, but is it realistic for me? The fact is, I believe God has been trying to teach me how to stay sane during this busy time in my life.

Yesterday at church, my pastor gave a message tittled,"Simplify Your Life". It confirmed everything that God has been dealing with me about. The complexities of life can overwhelm you and sometimes you need to eliminate some things. Now I can't, and don't want to eliminate my kids of course, but there are ways I can cut back on my schedule. For example, unnecessary time on the computer. And, do I really need to chase down every deal I see? I need to definitely prioritize my life right now.

The previous night, I had been feeling anxious about my daughters upcoming party and I began to feel my arm get sore and my chest tighten. The familiar symptoms of a panic attack were trying to rear their ugly head and I was in need of prayer. I took a few deep breathes an woke my husband to pray over me. I went back to bed thinking, no way, not today devil! Your not going to do this to me again!

In the morning , I just told my kids that mom needs more help, and my daughter's just going to have to buckle down and give me a hand with the cooking. (She's a Diva, and has never had to cook, but that is CHANGING!). Thankfully, the kids agreed without hesitation.

So, simplifying my life means a few changes are in order. I have got to get more sleep, (which is something I did get yesterday, I'm proud to say). I also, must take time for me. I get jealous of my husband when he comes home from work and takes a nap. I'm like, excuse me? When do I get a nap!?! But you know what? I'm just gonna take one! If dinner's a tad bit late, oh well, they will live!

Seriously though, I know that change is tough and it will seem hard in the beginning, but my health depends on it. Change is not only needed, but it's necessary! Hold me accountable, O.K.?

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