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My Coupon Metamorphosis

Early this morning I decided to go through my box of coupons. I've been in a purging mood lately. I'm tired of the clutter and have so much junk that I'm trying to take small steps toward getting rid of needless stuff.
I've also been slowing attempting to recycle my out-dated magazines. You know, the old Essence, All You, Woman's Day mags with all of the great articles? Or, am I the only one that does that?

Anyways, through all of this, I come to realize just who I am as a frugal shopper. The fact is, though I cut most coupons, I hardly use all of them. I don't trade them either (though I should). They keep collecting in under my desk and eventually spill over and cause a mess.
Honestly, most of my grocery shopping is done at ALDI. Rainbow Foods is a close second, with Cub Foods trailing after. And lately, since school has been out, I haven't had the time to double my coupons like I have wanted to.

I'm changing. Evolving as a couponer. Yes, I love the deals and enjoy sharing them. But I will never be, nor desire to be a hoarder of the deals. I'm not hardcore. I don't, and won't buy 10 newspapers. Sure I'm probably missing some huge opportunities to save, but it's just not that serious for me.
I'm tired of heading to Rainbows on Wednesdays to find everything is completely out because others have beat me to the deal and cleared the shelves as though they're preparing for war. It really is not that serious! I buy a paper or two and use lots of ink from all the printing I do. And believe or not, I occasionally pay full price for something. GASP!

Does that still make me the The Coupon Sista? You betcha! This is who I am! My friends and family think I go overboard on the deals sometimes. However, they also see how much money I save as a result, and they have to give me my props! I love my deals, but they don't run my life.
Couponing also isn't a choice for me, but a necessity. We don't make a boatload of money (yet!), so I need to be creative. I've got to be a good steward over what God has given me.
I know a few of my frugal friends may think I'm crazy, but that's O.K.. I also know many of you are just like me.

So I challenge you take a good look at your couponing habits. Are you leaving shelves empty without regard for the next shopper after you? Or, are you more considerate of others?

The bottom line is, to each his own. If it works for you, good. But this is what works for me. I'm changing, and I love it!

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