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Sniff, Sniff, I'm Not Going To BlogHer This Year

It official. Even though I secretly hoped some donor would send me a big check in the mail, I'm not going to BlogHer 2010. And it sucks to see all of the invitations to swag parties that I've gotten over the past few weeks. Man is it going to be buzzing in New york this weekend!

Last year, I had to overcome several obstacles to go and meet all the wonderful ladies in Chicago. But it was worth the long bus ride.

This year, the conference is farther, making it unaffordable for me to attend. I hear many are not going for one reason or another. But I'm going to miss the swag! Oh the swag, swag, SWAG!

Perhaps I'll follow along on the liveblogging that will be taking place. I'm not sure though. That may just make matters worse for me.

I know they'll announce where the conference will be next year and I have a feeling it's going to be somewhere in CA. I'm praying that they decide to host the conference in Minneapolis, MN. Maybe at the Mall Of America or somewhere close. Maybe they'll be forced to go back to Chicago. One can only dream!

So how about you? Are you going to BlogHer this year or are you sulking at home too?


  1. Sniff, sniff, I'm not going either. Could you share with me @ on how you get invited? I'm clueless! Thanks so much Staci

  2. No problem. It's no secret, but I'll send you an email soon. :)


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