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Tornado- 1 Year Anniversary

It's officially been 1 year. On this day last year, a tornado rocked my world.

I used to, and I stress used to think that a green sky and ominous looking clouds were kinda cool. I know, I know, it's crazy. I would be the lady standing outside of my house looking at the sky with amazement.

I've always felt like when I look up into the heavens, I look into the face of God. The outdoors just does that to me. So thunderstorm weather was just another display of His handiwork.

But now? Humph! I high tale it to the basement! I'm not playing around anymore!

What's mind blowing is that this fluke whirlwind came out of no where. Local meteorologists had no idea whether or not it was even a tornado. It was just a rainy day like any other. Grey clouds, and steady, light rain. No cause for alarm.

My minivan had stopped working that day and a neighbor offered me a ride. So we waited for the rain to stop. I remember it all like it was yesterday.

I was on the phone at the time, looking out the window. Suddenly, a large burst of swirling wind started whipping power lines and street lights. "What in the world is this?", I thought. Then, one tree fell, and then another. I yelled, "I gotta go", and slammed the phone down!

My sons were in the basement playing and they had heard what sounded like a loud train at the time. One joking said to the other, "Ooh it's a tornado!" Little did he know!

He ran upstairs to see what all the commotion was, just as I hung up the phone. "We've go to go downstairs NOW!", I said. We forgot about the dog and quickly called him down, then hid in the bathroom. We waited for the noise to stop and headed out when it was all clear.

As I opened my front door, I was in complete shock! Trees were everywhere including on top of my minivan! All of my neighbors had begun to come outside looking with disbelief. I yelled, "WHAT THE HECK! Someone asked if I we were O.K. but my response was still,"WHAT THE HECK"! She yelled again, "Are you O.K.?" I snapped back to reality. "Yes, yes were O.K.".
Then, what's that we hear? Sirens! We scattered back into our homes. But it was too late, the tornado had already hit.

I called my husband. "Did you see that! What was that"! Now he was 2 miles a way and had heard sirens but saw nothing. "You need to come home, it's really bad!" He thought I was exaggerating (as I often do).

The National Weather Service determined that it was indeed an EF0 tornado that hit my inner city neighborhood. Thankfully, no one was hurt.

Looking back is interesting though. Yes I have a new found respect for the elements. Who wouldn't? But now I see (for the most part) newly remodeled houses with fresh paint, new siding, and new roofs. A lots of new baby trees.

One neighbor described it as a blessing in disguise. "People who could not otherwise afford it, were able to get their homes fixed up".

And my husband said he wanted a new roof. Be careful what you ask for!


  1. Wow! I'm so glad everyone is fine. Did it hit again when you all went outside? Now i'm paranoid whenever it rains because this year has been so much more different. What happen with your car?

  2. No, it only hit once. The sirens were just 20 minutes late lol.
    We ended up getting another minivan. I wrote all about it. There's a few links at the bottom of my post.


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