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Wanting more for my blog...

Sometimes I really dislike being a "deals" blogger. (Gasp! No she didn't say that!). Sister girl, yes I did. And today is one of those days. I'm not feeling particularly bad about it, I just feel that there is so much more to me than "what's on sale here" and "go get this freebie there".
I enjoy my family so much. They make me laugh! I often want to just share some of my funny adventures with my readers, hoping you can all relate.

And lately, I'm really digging reviews. I'm so customer oriented that I feel like I have a strong opinion about companies and products. I guess I should with 8+ years in Customer Service. Part of me would rather do that.

Now don't get me wrong, I absolutely love the thrill of a good sale, but there's more to my life than bargains.

I've been contemplating just how to combine it all. Do I switch over to reviews only, or a mommy blog? Make another blog (oh I can't stand the though of that!)? Or, figure out some happy median between the three.

What do you think?


  1. It's something how our blogging revolves & as we grow we find out what we really want to share with our readers. Lately, I've been feeling the same way. Trying to capture all of who I am in my blog. I'm sure you're like me and it's a lot to me. You'll come up with what works for you. I have another blog that I've abandoned & a website that i've invested to much to let go. I totally understand.

  2. Your so right. I know I'll figure out how to make it work.

    By the way, I think you do a great job of sharing who you are in your blog!

  3. The best part of having your own blog is making it your own! Do what you love - life's too short not too!

  4. Why not do it all? It's YOUR space to be free. Post as many (or as few) deals as you want, tell us a funny story about your day or talk about your family. I tend to gravitate toward blogs that mix things up. I think that keeping more than one blog will ultimately lead to it feeling like a chore, and one (or both) will languish. All the best!

  5. I think you can probably combine everything in one blog. Trust me, it's definitely easier than trying to manage more than one blog. I always think that bloggers who combine general posts about their life and such along with reviews have a little more credibility as a reviewer.

  6. Stacy, I think you can combine everything together too. I love reading a variety of posts and not just freebies.

  7. Help Mama Remote, Cristina, Mrstdj,and Alissa, thanks so much for your encouragement. I've felt like it might be a bit boring if all I ever post is a deal or a coupon link.
    Cristina you've hit the nail on the head! Life is too short to worry about any of this!
    I'm doing my own thing!

  8. Thanks Marilyn, it really validates the changes I've been wanting to make!

  9. Make your blog an expression of your self. I've been there too, I tried the several blogs thing and it was just like trying to separate parts of myself. I ended up bringing it all back in to one blog. Evolve your blog into your voice, even if you change your tagline... to something like "Living Life with the Coupon Sista" or something that says you're about more than just good deals!

  10. That's confirmation JusFrugal. I've been working on a tag line for my blog that includes the different aspects of me. It's nice to know I'm on track!


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