We Did It!

Today is a big day for us. Aug. 17th means my family accomplished a huge goal!

A month ago as we were eating at our favorite pizza joint, we discussed how we eat out entirely too much. Dinning out is our family time and boy we have a lot of it! And let's just say it hasn't been friendly on the waistlines. We could honestly use a break. Not just for our health, but our finances too. $20 to $50 a pop, a couple times a week, can add up with or without coupons! We decided that we would stop going out for dinner for one whole month.
Now, my biggest issue with this is having to cook everyday. I'm a decent cook, but it's not my favorite thing to do. My husband will not cook, so that leaves it up to me. Plus, my family isn't big on leftovers.

So, for those days that I didn't feel like slaving over the oven, I picked up a ready made roasted chicken, rolls, and whipped up some coleslaw, and viola, KFC at home! I'd also purchase take and bake pizzas at the grocery store. I still had a little prep work, but nothing I couldn't handle. Plus, it was kinda fun too. I splurged a little. But, we saved a ton of money compared to what we were spending.

I had a few days, just this past week, where the desire to dine out felt irresistible. My oldest son (the biggest eater in the house) surprised me with his determination to keep our commitment. He'd say, "Mom, technically, it hasn't been one month", or "Mom, if we eat out today, technically we didn't do what we said we'd do!" There's nothing like a child holding you to your word!

Well, we made it, and guess what we're doing to celebrate? We're going to Culvers! There's something about that place that make me smile. I think their jingle says something to that effect. HEY, I never said we were perfect!

Actually, we won't be eating out today since my husband had a tooth pulled (party pooper). It will be a few days I'm sure. And I kinda like this new way of thinking. We can have fun at the park plating baseball, window shopping, or whatever. Food doesn't always have to be the main focus. We'll still eat out, but we'll do it much less.

So how about you? Do you spend a grip dinning out too? Or do you spend your family time in other ways? I'd love to know!


  1. Congratulations are not eating out for a month. No, we don't spend hardly anything on eating out. It's a rarity and a luxury. This past weekend - since I was on the road a lot - I probably ate at fast food more than I have in the past three months or more. I've always seen it as a huge expense and have never been in a position to really enjoy it without thinking that a bill or something is going to go unpaid.

    I like the at home choices you made. I'm not a fan of cooking either so I do a lot of quick fixes.

  2. Congrats on reaching your goal. I love the way your son held you to it. Kids help keep us in our place sometimes. We don't spend a lot eating our. Maybe every couple weeks we'll get chicken. Hubby and I try to do date night once a month. My family isn't keen on leftovers either. Recently I say a recipe prepared that I'm going to use to repurpose my leftovers. I'll be putting it on my blog soon.

  3. We spent way too much in 2009 dining out, so our goal was to only eat out one day a week in 2010. So far, we've done pretty well. I write it down to keep us accountable and there was only one week where we ate out 3 times and two weeks were wer ate out twice. Not too bad. Good luck at keeping it going!

  4. Congratulations! Eating out can cost so much, especially for 2 adults and four kids. I love to do my take of certain "eating out" favorites. I do my own nachos at home that cost a whole lot less and are more filling. Ice cream sundaes too.When we make them at home we can get all the extra toppings we want without the extra cost!

  5. 1stopmom- we make our own sundaes at home too! And you end up having toppings for next time as well!

  6. mrstdj- Great job at saving. I think we can at least agree on not eating out more than once a week.

  7. Petula- your right, sometimes it is a bill that could have been paid. And then I feel really bad afterward.
    I think going forward we will not go out unless everything has been taken care of.

  8. Help! Mama Remote- I'm proud of my son holding me accountable. He's so sweet.
    I'm looking forward to your post on the leftovers!


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