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My Near East Couscous Party

I had the pleasure of hosting a Near East Couscous party over the summer. I was excited to host the party because I had tried couscous before but it had been years since I fixed it for my family.
My mother is a huge fan of couscous and was thrilled to attend.

So what is couscous? Is it rice? A grain? Well, not exactly. It's actually a type of pasta that is very tiny, smaller than rice. Because it is a pasta, it cooks fast.

My guests and I whipped up a quick batch of Near East couscous in Herbed Chicken. The kitchen smelled so good that even the kids couldn't wait to try it. Preparing it was super easy and only took 5 minutes to cook. Now that's what I'm talking about!

We chatted about what types of meals you could make with Couscous and look over our recipes cards. My mom loved the Jambalaya recipe!

Everyone loved the taste of couscous, except for one picky eater, my husband. But the kids enjoyed it and even asked for seconds. I can't wait to try the other flavors. I'm thinking on making a Mediterranean Couscous salad just for me!

Each guest was provided with a gift bag containing Herbed Chicken Couscous, and other goodies. To learn more about Near East products, visit their website and browse through the recipe section for lunch and dinner ideas.
This Near East Couscous party was sponsored by Near East and Momselect.

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