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Ecostore Review

Green is the new black when it comes to cleaning your home. You don't want to use harsh chemicals with kids and pets in the house.

My sons have dry skin. As babies, the both had eczema pretty bad. Thank God they've grown out of it. I still have to be very careful about the laundry detergent and bath soap that we use, because of their allergies. Usually, I have to buy products that are free and of dyes and strong scents to wash our clothes in.

A few months ago, I was contacted by Ecostore who offered me an opportunity to review their Eco friendly line of products. They tag line is "No nasty chemicals", so I jumped at the chance to try it out since it sounded very beneficial to my family.

Here's a few facts for you. Ecostore takes pride in bringing you healthy, green products for your whole family. Take a look at some of the facts about the common household cleaners we use:
*According to the American Association of Poison Control Centers accidental poisonings occur in the home every 30 seconds.
*The National Safety Council has reported that more children under four die of from accidental poisoning than are killed by guns.
*A report by the EPA to Congress determined household cleaners three times more likely to cause cancer than outdoor air pollution.
*Women who work from home and are more frequently exposed to household toxins and poor air quality are 50% more likely to develop cancer.
*Newborn infants have trace levels of toxic chemicals in their bodies, passed on by their mother’s exposure.
Wow, that's something to think about!

With Ecostore, you won't have to worry about any of these issues because their products don't contain harmful chemicals. Whew! Breathing sign of relief.

So, my choice of items to review were the Laundry Liquid and the Rose and Cardamon body wash.

Since I'm a bath-and-body type of girl, I tried that first. Now, I'm not crazy about Rose scented things but I love the spicy smell of Cardamon, so I gave it a whirl. To my surprise, it smelled great. The thick, clear, liquid lathered wonderfully. I've tried a lot of natural based soaps (I used to make them) and found that sometimes the body washes didn't lather well. Not the case here. This soap produced lots of bubbles. Check!

Next, was the laundry detergent. My first impression when I opened it was, "Whoa, this stuff is strong"! The eucalyptus was working overtime! My whole laundry room smelled minty! I thought, at least I know my clothes will be fresh and clean! After a few uses, I got used to the fragrance, and it really wasn't bad at all. I actually looked forward to washing. Can you believe that? Another check!
The only drawback for me is that I'm not a big online shopper and that's my only option to purchase Ecostore. Their products can be found at any Meijer stores, but we don't have these in our state, bummer! But, many of you readers do have a Meijer around so I would suggest trying it out. The prices are a bit more expensive, but since their products come concentrated, the price works out in the end. You'll have to weigh out your options, though. I would at least give it a try.


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