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Guest Blogger: How To Save Money At The Salon

Today, I've got a special treat for you. My very first guest blogger! I thought I would start out right by asking a dear friend blogger/cosmetologist Nicole of Help Mama Remote... to share her tips on saving money at the salon. Take it away Nicole!

Thanks to Stacie for allowing me to guest post on The Coupon Sista! I'm so thrilled to be able to share some salon saving tips.

How to Save Money at the Hair Salon

As a professional Hairstylist, when it comes to salon savings I always take financial status into consideration. In order to save money at the salon we must first look into the financial status of 3 types of clients: The Financial Wealthy Sista, Financial Stable Sista & The Sista on a Financial Budget.

Salon pricing has a lot to do with Demographic. Salons located in a Downtown or Gold Coast area pricing will differ from an Urban Salon.What does this have to do with you? If, you are looking to save money at the salon, take a look at your financial situation. See which category you fit in and apply these tips.

The Financially Wealthy Sista: This Sista usually frequents the salon every week if not twice a week.This is not someone living above their means! This Sista CAN afford it!


1.Ask stylist do they have a rewards or referral program. Some salons offer rewards after a certain number of visits or if you refer a certain number of client to their salon.

2. Get on the salons mailing list. They may offer coupons or retail savings to their regular clients through the mail.

3. See if they offer savings for pre-booking your next appointment.With the economy still in shambles many stylist would offer a savings for a guaranteed future salon visit.4. Lastly, proper home hair maintenance is a must. Maintaining your hair when you're away from the salon helps alleviate any extra cost to repair any hair damage.

Financially Stable Sista:This Sista frequents the salon every 2 to 3 weeks. She has her salon visits incorporated in her monthly budget.


1. Search for a salon that has pricing within your financial budget but doesn't lack expertise. This is definitely possible and by no means is a contradictory statement. There are many salon professionals that are experienced and have reasonable prices.

2 Make sure the salon is within a 5 mile radius. Traveling across town to a salon appointment is not a great way to save when adding up travel cost.

3. Going to a salon that doesn't charge A la carte(charge for each service individually)

4.Ask is they have a rewards or referral program as well.

5.Use proper maintenance products & don't go too far between visits especially for chemical services or hair trims. Neglecting to have these services done at the proper time will only have you spending more money in hair restoration.

Financial Sista on a budget:This Sista visits the salon when she can, if, she can. However, you too can maintain healthy hair. It just may take you a little more research & diligence.


1.Look into your local beauty schools. When cosmetologist are taking courses to become a licensed professional there are a certain number of clinical floor hours they must take. When they are receiving these hours at their school, they have to perform services on an actual client. This would be you! Some schools allow you to request a specific stylist. Find who's the best and request them. Don't forget to tip. The stylist will appreciate it.

2.Check to see if there are any local hair manufacturing companies in your city. Most manufacturers have an R & D department. This is where they test new products or company production. Not only will you receive a free or close to free service, but you will also be able to offer feed back of the product being tested.Caution*** You will be required to sign a release form. Ask question &know what is being tested on your hair & stay well informed.

3 Lastly, hair maintenance at home & using the proper hair products for your hair type.

Extra Tips:**Chain salons & neighborhood salons often have first time client specials. This is great idea if you’re looking for a new stylist or just wanting to try a new salon.**Look in local Newspapers for local salon coupons. Hope these tips are helpful & would love to hear about the ones you've used or ways you are currently saving on your salon visits.

Nicole is a wife, mother of 3, CEO & hairstylist living in Suburban Illinois. Wishes there was a Mama Remote to control her multifaceted life. Nevertheless, she’s enjoying every moment. CEO/Founder of Splitcybernality, Inc. Nicole noticed in 2008 how social networking users created multiple accounts for the different interest in their life. Therefore she created, SPLITCYBERNALITY.COM(TM) The Social Networking Directory. Although she’s new to blogging, she admits she’s addicted. is where she blogs about trying to control her day to day life.


  1. Thank You so much Stacie for giving me this opportunity.

  2. Thank you Nicole, for such an awesome post. I think I'll be fitting in a trip to the salon very soon :)!

  3. LOVED IT!!! Will be reposting for those youngins who need to remember hair maintenance and gift giving ;)

  4. DEM, Glad you enjoyed the article. Thanks for stopping by!


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