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Libman Freedom Mop Review & Giveaway

Moping is not one of my favorite things to do. When I was young, we had to get on our hands and knees and scrub the floors "old school style" with a rag and a bucket. Remember that scene from the music video, "She works Hard for the money" by Donna Summer? Yeah, that was me! Ever since then, it's something I dread.
I've been using another brand of mop that has disposable pads for quick and easy mopping, but I never seem to have the cleaner needed to work the thing!
So imagine my excitement when I found that there was a new mop that allows you to choose your own cleaning solution! It's called the Freedom Mop by Libman. And, I got to try it out for myself!
It's super easy to use. Just add water and your favorite disinfectant cleaner to the removable bottle, and that's it. No more buying solution refills. Yes! The mop also comes with a reusable microfiber pad that can be washed up to 50 times. No waste! Now that's great for the environment. Plus, there's also no need for batteries. Freedom Mop has a trigger sprayer. Just spray how much you'd like, and mop away!

The only drawback is that the pad isn't disposable (like I'm used to) and has to be washed. Since I'm a germaphobe (well, just a little), I don't like touching icky, dirty, things. But I guess I can grab it by the corner (yuck) and toss it in the wash.

You can purchase the Freedom Mop at retailers for about $19.99 to $24.99. It comes fully assembled and is made in the USA. To learn more, visit

Now here's the best part. You can win a Libman Freedom Mop for yourself! Leave a comment on your favorite way to clean your floors (mandatory). Do you use a traditional mop? Or, are you an "old school" hands and knees type of gal?

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Disclosure: I received the Libman Freedom Mop for free as a reviewer for the Mom Bloggers Club. All opinion are 100% mine.


  1. I use a traditional mop, but would love to try a better solution like the Libman Freedom Mop :) *Thanks* for the giveaway!

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  3. Hey Stacey!

    I HATE doing the floors too - and we have a dusty old house with hardwood floors! So - there are 3 things we usually do (never all at the same time):
    - Swiffer (for quick & easy)
    - Traditional mop bucket (we usually use Murphey's Oil Soap)
    - this fancy hardwood mop that you plug in like a vaccuum. You have to be super careful to not scratch the floors though... so we don't use it too much.

    The Libman Freeman Mop would be a great addition to our household (and we could probably get rid of a few of our other ones) -- especially since our baby is coming in Jan! We need something simple & easy! Thanks for the post and organizing the give away!

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  8. I use a swiffer sweeper with febreze scented wet cloths.. Love the smell.. Hate that I go through so many cloths to do one floor!

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  10. Hi Stacie~
    I have to say I'm very blessed to not have to mop the floors that often, because I have a wonderful husband who does all cleaning. We have a swifter, that he dislikes, because you need their cleaner and wipes, so he only really uses a old school mop. I would like to have him step out of his comfort zone and try something new! Plus I love new gadgets!I would than mop more often!

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