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Soul Food and Living Water Blog Tour

I've been doing a lot of book reviews lately and it's been fun learning about new authors. One husband and wife team, produced a great hand book just for the African American community. It's appropriately title, "Soul Food and Living Water".

A bit about the book:

As God-conscious families, we all struggle to maintain a vibrant faith that will lead to strength and happiness in the midst of declining social values and daily challenges. Marital commitment, child rearing, financial stewardship and family harmony are problems that can become intensely magnified, draining our joy and ability to sufficiently thrive.
Overflowing with Biblical teaching, practical examples and real encouragement, Soul Food and Living Water provides the spiritual nourishment you and your family needs. Written in culturally sensitive language, reflecting the rich heritage and strong faith of African Americans, Soul Food and Living Water refreshes and equips families for today’s challenges.
Soul Food and Living Water is a personal invitation to come and dine at the Lord’s table, to be comforted in His presence and to feast upon His Words. So eat heartily and drink deeply.

About the Authors

WILLIAM J. POWELL is a senior policy analyst for the District of Columbia and also pastors, Dominion International Ministries, a new start-up and dynamic church fellowship in Southern Maryland. YOLANDA POWELL is president of Oracles & Utterance, Incorporated, a Kingdom-advancing ministry to establish the global Body of Jesus Christ in deeper life intimacy, prophetic intercession, and spiritual warfare. She also serves as apostolic director of EXOUSIA, a Mid-Atlantic prayer training summit to equip church leaders and prayer teams in intense levels of intercession.
THE POWELLS reside in Dunkirk, Maryland with their three young adult sons.

My review:
As I mentioned before, I really enjoy reading devotionals. This book gave me that type of feel. It has short, bite-sized nuggets that are easy to digest. You can read on a daily bases or a chapter at a time. It's also nice to have as a go to resource on different topics. Now days, we can all use a little help rearing our children in troublesome times.
This book is basically broken into 4 parts:
1. Our Personal Relationship with God
2. The Intimacy of Our Marriages
3.Our parenting and Home Life
4. Our Cultural heritage and Extended relationships
At the end, you are challenged to do more for your family or community by accepting the Nehemiah challenge.
To learn more, listen to a podcast called,"Getting back to family".

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