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Rumble! Zap! Pow! Book Review

"Rumble! Zap! Pow!, Mighty Stories of God", by Diane Stortz, is a great compilation of adventurous bible stories for active young readers. If your little one is desiring more action in his or her daily bible reading, this book is sure to please.

It almost reminds me of a hard cover comic book with illustrations that are bright and cheerful. Words like, "Rumble!", Whoosh!", Thud!, are all over the place and making reading exciting.

There are 3 main elements of each story, Mighty Thoughts, Power Words, and an Activity. First, Mighty Thoughts gets kids thinking about God, while Power Words are short scriptures. And the Activity helps you practice what you've learned through moving.

For example, today's activity was to give the people in your family a big hug just as Joseph did his brothers.

My review:

I thought that this book was good for preschool aged children, boys, or really active kids. My son is a bit older, but he did like the action words used throughout the bible stories. It was also short and very easy for him to read, which is a plus.

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