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Try It Out Thursday: A CSN Stores Review

If you are still in the hunt for that perfect gift, consider CSN Haven't heard of them? Where have you been my dear? Their reviews have been blowing up the blogosphere.
CSN stores has over 200 stores and you can find just about anything from furniture to cooking utensils.

I had the honor of reviewing one of their products. Since I love Rachel Ray (huge fan), and was in the need of new cookware, I decided to order a 2 piece set of Rachael Ray Bubble & Brown Stoneware Baker in Chocolate. Can you say yummy?

I must say the process was easy as pie. Even though CSN has so much to offer, the website was very easy to navigate. All I had to do was make up my mind.

It took about a week to receive it, which wasn't too bad. I was thrilled to receive my bakeware and it felt like Christmas when they arrived. Sometimes I worry that my orders won't arrive in perfect condition. No such concerns here. Everything was just as it should have been.
I opened the box and found the most gorgeous set of bakerware! And, it was much bigger than I thought it would be.

(This is my holiday Cranberry bread in the smaller of the two stoneware. I had more pictures, but my computer accidentally deleted them. Ugh!)

I would definitely recommend to anyone who still has Christmas shopping to do. They've got hassle free returns and free shipping on a lot of items. Products that have a snowflake next to them will arrive by 12/24.
Disclosure: I received an item of choice in exchange for my honest review.


  1. I really like CSN too. I haven't gotten anything from them yet, but I hope to soon.

  2. I'm drooling over the bowls and the bread! I love the bowls. Great presentational pieces.

  3. Petula- I'm sure you'll get something soon. They have been great to work with.

  4. Help Mama...- I was drooling too. They look so good!


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