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Lioness Arising Book Review

I have read a few books by Lisa Bevere and I think she is a great author like her husband John Bevere. When "Lioness Arising, Wake Up and Change Your World" came available to me to review, I signed up purely on the name alone.

This is a book written to women on waking the sleeping lioness inside us all. There is a lot of comparison between the natural creature and who we are as women, wives, mothers.

We can be strong and fierce like the lioness hunting her prey. Because God's spirit is withing us, we can truly be powerful women.

Inside this book you will find chapters on:

Awaken a Lioness

A Force Unseen

Dangerously Awake

The Sum of Fear and Wonder

Strength Is for Service

Under the Same Mission

Greet and Groom

Lionesses Are Strategic

Lionesses Live in the Light and Hunt in the Dark

Walking with a Lion

From a Whisper to a Roar

Lisa Bevere is calling for women to wake up and change the world we live in. We have become sedated by day to day life and it's time to awaken ourselves and see what God is doing. Remember:

You are stunning

You were born for this moment

Don't be afraid of your strengths, question, or insights

Awaken, rise up, and dare to realize

All you were created to be

My thoughts:

The principles in his book are good but it didn't really speak to where I'm at. It seemed slow and never really grabbed my attention. If you are into the animal kingdom or are intrigued by watching shows on animal planet, this book may appeal to you more.

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