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The Real Skinny On Losing It Book Review

Michelle McKinney Hammond is one of my favorite authors and I personally own several of her books. Her wittiness and honesty makes her transparent before her readers.
Michelle's sassy style shines through on every book she writes. In The Real Skinny On Losing It", she offers real talk about issues we women face when it comes to weight.
Michelle shares her story of being a skinny girl and having to to deal with bullies because of it. Then as an adult, hiding under a veil of weight to protect herself from the wrong men. She encourages us to take a look at the real issues of out weight gain- and they lie in our hearts and minds.

Book Review:

With 24 chapters and 185 pages, this is an EASY read. Here are some of the chapter titles:

Looking In the Mirror
Naked and Unashamed
From Your Lips to your Hips
Extreme Makeovers
The Ultimate Love Affair
Move it Sister!
Making Peace with your Thighs

Aren't those catchy?

At the end of each chapter,you'll find 2 sections, Keeping It Real, and Diva reflections.
Keeping it real asks tough questions like:

What do you think of yourself?
When did you first compare yourself to someone else?
Is food a comfort or punishment for you?
Write a list of things that keep you from eating the way you should?

Then, Diva Reflections wrap it up by giving you a little encouragement. And no health book would be complete with out a recipe section. You'll learn how to make tasty dishes like fruity smoothies, delicious salads, and light soups.

My thoughts:

Since I'm already a huge fan of Michelle's I knew I would enjoy reading this book. It let's you look deeper into your weight loss issues which is an aspect that I like. I have several diet books so I'll add this to my collection lol. That said, weight loss can be real tough and you must have determination to make the change. If your looking for lighter, more funny approach to it, try this book.

For more info on Michelle McKinney Hammond visit her website.

Disclosure: I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

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