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The 60 Minute Money Workout Book Review

I'm always looking for ways to save money. I have quite a few coupon books and enjoy adding them to my library.
Recently, I had the opportunity to review "The 60 Minute Money Workout" by Ellie Kay. It's a step by step guide to getting your finances into shape. The book is an easy read, only 203 pages, and the theme is pretty cool. All you need is an hour a week to do this workout.

Chapters include:

The 60 Minute Debt Workout
The 60 Minute Cha Ching Guide to Paying Less
The 60 Minute Travel and Fun Guide workout
The 60 Minute Couples Workout
The 60 Minute Giving Guide Workout

...and more.

Inside, you'll do these:

1. Make up your mind warm up (5 minutes)
2. Strength Training (10 minutes)
3. Cardio Burn (20 minutes)
4. Take your heart rate (20 minutes)
5. Congratulations Cool Down (5 minutes)

There are also helpful quizzes and charts to help you on your journey. If your looking for a lighter approach to whipping your finances into gear, you should give this book a try.

Disclosure: I received this book from Bloggers fro Books in exchange for my review.

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