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My Nutella Home Party

Have you ever tried Nutella? I hadn't until I recently hosted a Nutella party through MommyParties.

I figured I'd like Nutella because I'm crazy for nuts and nut butters. But, I had no idea how much I'd love it. I was surprised at how good it tasted. It reminded me of Toffifay candy. Now, I can't stop eating it. My favorite way? On good old toast.

However, if your looking for a new way to eat Nutella, you can spread on English muffins and top with fresh Strawberries, or make waffle sandwiches. Another idea would be to wrap in a whole wheat tortilla and add banana slices or dried fruits.

Inside my kit, I received Nutella goodies that include:

A Nutella brand coffee cup

Nutella samples

Nutella spreaders

recipe cards

Breakfast ideas

and of course, coupons!

My neighbors were thrilled to receive their Nutella items. Guess that makes me the coolest neighbor on the block!

Disclosure: I received a party kit from Nutella and MommyParties in exchange for review.

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