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Managing God's Money Book Review

As The Coupon Sista, I often try to provide resources to my readers that pertain to finances.  So when I have a opportunity to read a book on money matters, I usually try to take advantage of it so that I can pass along thoughts to you all.
The latest book I have is called Managing God's Money, A biblical guide by Randy Alcorn.
Have you ever had questions about what the bible says about managing money?  Questions like, Is money really important to God, What exactly does tithing mean,and what's wrong wit wanting things?  If your human, you can admit that we all have a question or two about what the right way to give.  I know I have.  Many people have often been troubled about just what to give to churches and ministries. 
Some even believe that preachers are only after your money and it's not necessary to give.  But, the truth is that in the bible, you find Jesus teaching more about money than any other topic, so it must have been somewhat important!
Inside this book, you find many questions that have been grouped into sections.

*Money & Possessions: Bible 101
*Perceptive That Impede Faithful Money Management
*Our Stewardship in eternity's Light
*Giving & Sharing God's Money and Possessions
*Wisely Handling Gods Money and Possessions
*Passing the Baton of Wise Stewardship

Another topic that can cause quite a stir among Christians is tithing.  This book tackles some really hard questions.

My thoughts:

At first I felt like I knew a lot of the information that was covered in the book.  But, it was nice to have something to use as a reference in addition to the bible.  I would suggest this book for anyone that really wants an understanding on giving to the church.  But if this is something that you feel confident on, this book may not be for you.  At any rate, it's easy to read and you can pick the questions that stand out to you.  It's a small book but easy to read at 253 pages long.

Disclosure: I received this book in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are mine.


  1. Sounds like a good book. It is good to have a reference when reading some scriptures. To help break it down and not take away.

  2. Yeah, I thought it was a decent read. especially if you need help in that area.


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