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Bill-Jac Dog Food Review

I love being a bzzagent.  I get to try lots of new products.  My latest product to try out is a dog food that I had never heard of called Bill-Jac Dry dog food. 
It's a dog food that is made with 10lbs. of  real chicken per 15lb. bag, and there isn't supposed to be a transition time.  It says it's perfectly safe to give to your dog immediate.  However, just to be on the the safe side, I decided to mix Bill-Jac with my dogs regular food. 
This stuff must have tasted really good to my pug because everytime I added some to his bowl, he came running over and ate right away.  Any other time, he would just eat when he was hungry.  It seems that he tolerates it well.  It hasn't made him sick or given him strange doggy do -which is a plus.
I'll probably keep using the dog food that i use though just because I've gotten used to it.
At any rate, if your looking for a new dog food to try, check out Bill-Jac.  For more info, visit the website

Disclosure: I received a bag of Bill-Jac dog food to try and share from Bzzagent.

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