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Nails To The Yeah - What I'm Rockin' On My Nails!

I love nail polish!  I have tons of it!  Even shades of the same color that are just slightly different.  It's the single way I try to stay trendy.  And it's so affordable too.  When I was younger, I wanted to do nails but never ended up going to school for it. 

So when I saw Sophistishe's Mani-Pedi Meme called Nails To The Yeah!, I thought I'd play along.  So here's my nails painted in Facets of Fuchsia from Revlon's new fall line.  When my daughter saw my nails, she said "Ooh, I'm going to paint my nails that color too"!  Sorry the pic is a little blurry.

Sounds like fun?  Then join along.  I will probably be posting a few of my favorite colors for the fall and upcoming holiday season.


  1. cute color. I'm in water too much to wear polish on my nails. I can wear it on my toes. My daughter does her nails EVERY day. I just gave up trying to collect polish for myself. smh

  2. I love collect polish, but I don't think I could do my nails every day!

  3. OMG that color is SO pretty!!! Thanks so much playing along!! Hoping to get the next linky up today :).

  4. Sheena- Great, I'm looking forward to seeing it!


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