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About.me Review

Have you ever heard of About.me?  It's a new place to go to learn more about the people you socialize with online.  It's actually a social networking one stop shop that I learned about as a Bzzagent.

At About.me, you get a splash page that you can direct people to.  Most of us have several online profiles, from Linked In and Facebook, to twitter, Flickr and more.  The idea is that you can have one single place to create a professional profile.  It will then list all of the places to learn and follow you.

My thoughts:

It seemed like a good enough idea, but I honestly haven't used it like I should.  I did get some really cool business cards for my About.me page through Moo.  They have a QR code on them that leads you to your About.me page.  Pretty neat for a business card!  Makes me look like I'm in the know!

I think the site is more for people that want a professional look to all of their profiles and will actually put effort  into directing others to their splash page.  It won't really work if people don't know to find you there.  To learn more about About.me, visit their website here.

Disclosure: I received free Moo business cards (not including shipping) as a Bzzagent.

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