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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Smartecard Style!

This year, I wanted to try something different when it came to sending my holiday well wishes.  Usually, I send cards in the mail, but I needed to cut back on my expenses.  So, I handed out cards to friends and family.  But for those that are far away, that is hard to do.

Then, I considered sending ecards and was given the opportunity to try out a new ecard website that gives it's proceeds to charity.  Wow, that's pretty cool I thought, and it's a concept that I hadn't heard about. 

It's called and it has some nice features like:

Import contacts button
Batch upload photos
a reports tab to see who viewed your ecard
Recipients can comment your ecards
...and more!

So I went to the website to get it started.  It was fairly say to use.  As we all know, I'm not real "techy" so it did take a few times for me to get what I need done.  I kept having to redo my card though because I would inadvertently click a field without saving the card.  But honestly, it was pretty straight forward.  I really liked the option of adding Christmas music to the card. 

So not only does is this option green and saves you money, but it gives back as well!  For more info,

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