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A Change is Coming

Goodbye Coupon Sista!

I'm going to be making a few changes around here and I hope that you'll stay tuned to the new and improved ME!

Over the next several days, I will be making gradual changes to this blog and incorporating, fresh new ideas that I have.  I'll keep my name and URL until people get used to the change.  I'm going to slowly start new facebook and twitter pages so things don't come as a shock to you all.

Why?  It's just that I'm a little bored with the whole coupon thing.  It was fun and exciting when it started but now, the thrill is gone.  To tell you the truth, it's been gone for a while now.

Don't get me wrong, I still love my freebies and deals, but there's so much more to me than just coupons.  Besides, I'm getting tired of people seeing me on the streets saying, "Hey Coupon Sista, got any coupons"?  Um, actually no, I left them at home. And how is it that The Coupon Sista leaves her coupons at home in the first place? smh!

Besides there are soooo many couponers that are holdin' it DOWN!  Love you all- you know who you are!

Soooo...just what will I be doing? 

Well, I'm so glad you asked!  I am just going to be me.  ME!  Nothing more, nothing less.  Sure, I'll still post a few deals with you, 'cause I still get excited when I get something for free.  So yeah, I'll still share them with ya.  But, I'm going to blog more about me, my life, experiences I have, finger nail polish I love, you get the picture.  More of me and less of what they (you know, that imaginary group of people that always have something to say) want me to write.  Basically, not feeling obligated to be someone I no longer am.  Period.

And I'm starting today.

So I hope that those of you that have been loyal to The Coupon Sista for these 3 1/2 years, will continue to be my readers, my friends, and my online fam.  And if your not sure, stick around- I may just surprise you!


  1. I've gone through a similar change recently. I used to blog mostly about sales and coupon codes and freebies.

    Now I mostly blog about paying off debt and frugal living, with maybe a few freebies thrown in for fun. It's more personal and more relatable so I even get more commenters now, which is nice!

    As you said, there are plenty of couponing blogs out there. But there's only one of you!

    I'll be back :)

  2. Thanks for making me smile Mary!

    The whole point is to do what you love and others (I think) will love your blog.

  3. Sounds exciting! Looking forward to reading more.


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