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So Long Insecurity Workbook Review

So Long, Insecurity Group Experience Leader's Guide by Beth Moore, is the companion workbook to the book with the same title.  It includes a 10 week study that features planned group discussions.  This guide gives basic instruction for holding a group of your own.

This study is broken down into 10 week sections.

Wk 1: Insecurity: A Bad Friend
Wk 2: How insecurity Affects Us
Wk 3: Good Company
Wk 4: Digging Deep
Wk 5: Finding Dignity
Wk 6: Clearing Our Vision
Wk 7: Letting God Be God
Wk 8: The Power To Choose
Wk 9: Looking beyond Ourselves
Wk 10: Moving past Our Fears into Trust

They all start with a scripture and a warm up for sharing with your group attendees.  And, so that you'll feel comfortable with teaching course, there are instructions that you can use before you meet with your group. 

Followed by:

*A word from Beth Moore
*Digging In

*In the light of the word
*Wrap Up and ends with
*On Your Own

My Thoughts:

So Long, Insecurty is a wonderful book that deserves a review on it's own.  It takes a look at the issues that women everywhere face regaring insecurity and the steps needed to overcome them. 

The workbok just takes it a step further for those that want to make a study of it.  I would also sugerst reading the book before you teach this to a gropu of women so that you are familiar with the subject matter.  I would recomend this for any and all women regardless of whether or not you struggle with a healthy self esteem, but especially for those that do, or once have.

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