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Cottonelle Party

This past week, I had the pleasure of hosting a Cottonelle party introducing the new Cottonelle Toilet Covers.  I decided to invite a few moms from my kids school for some much deserved (mommy) time...


and crafts!

We chatted about our families while we sipped on mock Mojitos.  I also taught them how to make their own Bath Salts and treated the ladies to Paraffin Dips.  And of course, we had so much fun talking and laughing that wouldn't you know I forgot to take the rest of the pictures?  Oh well, guess you'll have to take my word for it.  WE HAD FUN!

Now, a little bit about Cottonelle Toilet Parer  Covers

Cottonelle partnered with famous interior designer Jonathan Adler to create a collection of artistic toilet paper roll covers.  Toilet paper is often an overlooked part of the bathroom, but Cottonelle roll covers provide a splash of color and bold pattern in an unexpected place. Outside the bathroom, these Cottonelle roll covers double as decorative storage containers in a variety of places, like your home office or your children's bedrooms.  I think they're great for having on your toilet for those emergency situations, if you know what I mean!

"I participated in a campaign for Mom Central Consulting, on behalf of Cottonelle, and received product samples and a promotional item to facilitate my party”

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