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He Did It!

I knew it was coming and there wasn't anything I could do about it. My sixteen year old son had told us last year that he wanted to save up for a car.  He had just started taking his behind the wheel classes and was very serious.  After acing his permit test and driving sessions, he got his licence.

My son is a hard worker.  Very determined and great with saving money.  The exact opposite of the Diva child.  So I knew it wouldn't be long before accomplished his goal.  But was Mom ready?  NO!

Don't get me wrong.  My baby...uh...son, is responsible and an all around great kid. And, a pretty safe driver too.  Very slow.  Almost turtle-like.  But, I'm just not ready.  Ready to let go...I think.  He's growing up and next week he'll be 17 as well as a senior in the Fall.  Yay!  Second child almost out the door!

I just have to trust God a little bit more.  I worry about my kids, that's just what Moms do. I know he'll be fine because he really is a good driver.  And besides, God's got him covered!  So what better hands can he be in?

I'll be alright y'all. Sniff...sniff.

So what about you?  How was it when your teen first got his or her driving license?  Did you panic or trust they would be o.k.?


  1. Awwww, I'm so proud of him. :-) Does my heart good to see young people save and reach their goals. That shows true maturity and responsibility. You've done a great job.

    When Amber first started driving I wasn't really concerned, but I was worried. If that makes sense. Like you said, we're mothers we worry.

    She's been driving for about seven years; five or six without me and she's been in one auto accident, which wasn't her fault.

    I taught her to drive myself because they don't have driver's ed here in the schools and we couldn't afford the classes. I had driver's ed and I am an excellent driver (if I do say so myself LOL)...

    He'll be fine -- hugs to you and YAY! for him. How exciting.

    Soooooo will you take my three younger kids so I can already be in the empty next place. :-D

  2. I'm proud of him too. He even paid for his classes! He's a great son to have!

    Thanks for the reassurance. I know he'll be fine. It's nice to know I'm not the only Mom who worries, or should I say is concerned about their kids lol.

  3. Congratulations to your son :) When Jazz started driving almost one year ago, I was going crazy worrying about all the other drivers on the road. It turns out she is a great driver and I love it because she can runs errands for me now,lol

  4. 1stopmom-

    Thanks! I plan to send him on some errand runs too! lol

  5. Oh NO!!! He's unstoppable! The perfect attributes for a man growing into an adult. Congrats Mama and he looks just like you.

  6. Help Mama Remote-

    He is a sweetheart. And yes, he does look like me ;)


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