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Summer Time Beauty Tips

Ahh...the sound of birds chirping, the smell of fresh cut grass and meat on the grill.  It's Summer time in the city, folks!  Here are 3 tips for staying cool and looking fresh this season without breaking the bank!

1. Try an alternative to using heat on your hair this summer.  Were your hair braided or french braids wich feels cool on your scalp.  Take the braids or twists down for a cute curly look.  Or, rock a cute poneytail or even a bun for a protective style.  Do this style at home and give your wallet a break!

2.  Choose sunglasses that flatter your face.  Here's a quick guide to follow.

Heart- Aviators look good
Round- Up swept frames and length
Oval- Rectangular lenses add angles to soften curves
Square- Round glasses offset a strong jaw line

Also, check your local Dollar Store.  I gotten cute glasses from Dollar Tree that would have cost much more at another store.  Last year I got a great pair at Forever 21 for 3 bucks!
3.  And you know it wouldn't be right if I didn't higlight a nail polish or two, so here's a few to check out.
Blue is all the rage this summer.  From Robin's Egg to Royal Blue, you'll be rockin' round the clock witht these nail colors. You'll spend anywhere from $3- $8.

*And remember my sistas,  we can burn too.  Everyone needs to wear sunblock!

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