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Espresso For Your Spirit Book Review

Hey moms and dads!  Are you feeling pooped out?  Kids driving you crazy?  Well maybe not crazy, but maybe you need a time out.  I can so relate, especially during these summer months.

Parents often find themselves feeling frazzled and in need of a little help.  As a mom, I often feel like I could use a dose of encouragement.  "Espresso for your Spirit - Hope and Humor for Pooped Out Parents" by Pam Vredevelt, is a small book that brings big hope to the weary.  Great for any coffee table, this read has just the right dose of caffeine just for the soul.

Vredevelt, a pastor's wife and professional counselor, shares personal stories of her own life as a mother that will make you smile.  Inside, you'll find 28 short chapters with mini stories.  Most are no more than three pages, so it can be read while your waiting for the kids after school, doctor appointments, or wherever you can steal a few minutes for yourself.

Example chapters include:

Angel Sightings
Percolating Prayers
Birthday Blowouts
The Battle Belongs to the Lord
....and more.

My thoughts:

This mini book reads like a devotional, and since I'm a devotional type of girl, I really like  it.  Plus, the coffee theme gives it a cozy touch.  I love how the author is candid about being the parent of a child with a disability.   Her honesty reassures readers that were not the only ones while reminding us that God is at work in our homes and lives.


  1. You know..I really need to start reading some type of coffee table book since i'm so busy. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I have so many coffee table books, they are starting to take up too much room! :)


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