OMG, I Cut My Hair!

The other day, I spontaneously decided to cut my hair. I told my daughter, "Just cut it off before I change my mind". She grabbed my ponytail and started snipping.  It felt as if my glory was leaving me.  I looked on the floor and was shocked!

"What did I just do?", I said laughingly. You see, it took two years for me to grow those 3 + inches.  Plus, I was supposed to be growing my hair out!

But as she did her best to shape it up, I started to really like it.  My daughter did go to a Cosmetology High School, so she had some knowledge of what to do.

Here's the final results.  I think she did a good job, don't you?


I'm pleased with the style.  I think It will grow more evenly now that it's one length.  Besides I was really getting tired of the pony tail look.


  1. It is cute! I recently went through the same situation! Hair! New follower from MBC

  2. Thanks for the compliment! I'll check you out soon.

  3. Really cute and she did a.great.job. honestly if you let her trim it for you every six to 8 weeks you'll see more growth.

  4. I LOVE the haircut!! Stopping in from the mom bloggers club and am now a new follower! Would love if you could follow me back!




  5. You look gorgeous! I would like to cut my mane so bad. It's been years!

  6. Your hair looks awesome - it totally suits your face and spirit!

  7. Help Mama Remote- She doesn't like to cut my hair and I may have to go and get it done.

  8. Thanks for all the compliments ladies! I'm still adjusting to the change but like the fact that it's not so heavy on my head.

  9. Yes Stacie! Werk it Girl!!!

  10. OMG, your daughter did that? Wow! That is gorgeous. I cut an inch off my hair in the front and then tried to pretend that I loved it that way. My stylist fixed it with a few snips a few weeks later. Now I love it.

    I will never take scissors to my hair again, but it's fun being short again.

  11. Lookin' good! You are such an awesome mom, too.


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