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Mission Possible: Book Review & Giveaway - CLOSED

I've been reading the book Mission Possible and as we approach the back to school season, I wanted to share some sobering statistics with you about our public schools.  Did you know that America is ranked 26th in the world in graduation rates in our public schools?  If we are such a great nation, how did we allow this to happen?

Which brings me to a question that I was asked recently.  Stagnation, being unable to accomplish one’s job at a high level, is one of the greatest sources of low teacher morale.  So why do you think this country treats teaching so differently than it does other professions?  

That's honestly a really tough question.  I believe teaching is a noble profession and should be up their with doctors and lawyers.  Knowing that teachers aren't paid as well as other professions is disconcerting.  A lot of work goes into preparing and teaching children that are not your own!  It's unfortunate that a lot of teachers are forced to go into their own pockets to pay for materials that are needed for their classes.  This may be one of the reasons that some are burnt out and feeling lack of support.  

Teachers have made a impact on so many lives.  If you think about all the time you spend in school, teachers can sometimes feel like another parent.  Have you ever called your teacher Mom or Dad?  I rest my case!

Which brings me to another point.  All of us can remember are favorite teacher (Mr. Chesner : ) ).  We can tell you what class they taught and what we liked best about them.  On the flip side, we can also tell you about a teacher that we couldn't stand (Mr. Farnsworth - yuck!).  Maybe their words were damaging to our young minds.  Some have even wounded the spirits of children by saying that they wouldn't amount to much.

In our public schools, far too many teachers get shuffled around when they aren't producing good results (test scores) in children.  Our school systems just trade one batch of bad teachers for another.  So when are we going to raise the standard?

It might be worth looking at what we consider valuable.  We place our worth in things.  The perfect house with a two car garage and white picket fence.  Titles, clothing, and money.  Celebrities and Rap Stars. Our culture aspires to be like them, not teachers.

When we as a society start to take a look at what is really important in life, things like family, being spiritually grounded, morals, and  good education, we can be the strong nation educationally that we should be. 

That's just me opinion.

Mission Possible Synopsis

In the book, "Mission Possible -How the secrets of the Success Academies Can Work In Any School", authors Eva Moskowitz and Arin Lavinia share their experience with teaching their young scholars the Think Literacy curriculum.

The authors teach that achieving excellence doesn't begin with the students.  It really starts with the grown ups.  We can make school a magical place for learning once again when we involve the adults.  That means the teachers, principals, parents, and the school reformers.

Inside the accompanied video, you will find examples of what the Success Academic curriculum in action.  You'll be surprised by how intelligent these students are.

This book is an easy to read guide for making huge strides toward better schools.  I also thought the students in the video were incredibly smart for their young ages.  It just goes to show you, this program is doing something right!

If you are a teacher, or work with children in any way, this book would be a great resource to ad to your library.  Sound interesting?  Click here to learn more.


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Eva Moskowitz (the founder and CEO of the Success Charter Network in Harlem) and Arin Lavinia offer practical, classroom-tested ideas for dramatically improving teaching and learning. Moskowitz and Lavinia reveal how a charter school in the middle of Harlem, enrolling neighborhood children selected at random, emerged as one of the top schools in New York City and State within three years. The results of the Harlem school were on a par with public schools for gifted students and elite private schools.

For more ways to stay in touch with the authors, follow Eva on 

Disclosure: Books were provided for giveaway and review.  I will receive compensation for this post and opinions are all mine.

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