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Fall Memories

Crunchy leaves underfoot
Seeing your breath in on cold school mornings
Beautiful shades of Gold, Red, Orange and Deep purple all around me
Raking my neighbors leaves out of my yard... ugh

Cool brisk walks in the neighborhood
September birthdays
Wearing jeans and a hip leather jacket once again
Oh, and can't forget those cute boots
Wearing shades of purple and plum om my lips and nails
the sun rising and setting a little later...a little sooner
Pumpkin flavored coffee
Caribou Hot Apple Blast...yum!
Turning on the furnace for the first time 
Making Apple Crisp, 
Caramel Apples that I can't get enough of 

Just some of my Fall Memories : )


  1. Great poem! I wrote 1 for today's prompt as well! Yours is better than mine! I love that you can wear plum and purple. not my colors!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I'm sure your poem is good too, I'll check it out. I love dark colors- that just seem to work well with my skin tone.

  2. Love it! I did a poem for today too! Visiting from SITS.

    1. Thanks Michelle. Will stop by to see your poem too.

  3. Apple Crisp is one of my favorite fall recipes! YUM! What a great poem!

  4. Poems must be in for today lol. Thanks for visiting!

  5. I love your poem and your fall memories. Thanks for sharing this - you are very creative! :)

  6. Great poem! I can totally relate to raking the neighbors leaves out of my yard.lol.

    1. Yeah, it stinks since the majority of them fall in my yard.

  7. This put me in the mood for boots and apple crisp. Not to be eaten together, of course ;)

  8. I love the first time furnace smell.

    I can't wait to get into the apples.


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