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Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

I knew the day would come.  I've know it it since the beginning of the year.  We've prayed about it, talked, then prayed some more.Yesterday was that day.  My daughter turned 21.

I'm proud of the young woman my daughter has become.  A beautiful lady that loves God and reppin' that 1:16.  She's a fashionista in every sense of the word.  Loves makeup, hair, wigs, you name it.  And gosh, she's just so darn cute!

She's feisty (like her Mom), mouthy at times (like her Mom) and on some days, can release the Kraken in me!  But eventually we get over it.

Talkative has always been a way to describe her.  I remember her Kindergarten teacher...yes I said Kindergarten...told me at a conference, "She likes to talk..A LOT!  She's been talking ever since!  But I don't mind. I think it's funny.  We talk about a ton of things.  Our blogs, our business dreams, and so on.

She's made a few mistakes a long the way, but who hasn't?  Heck, at her age, she was three and I was getting married.  I see her getting refocused and I'm glad.

I'm not worried about her partying or drinking on her 21st birthday despite the pressure she has received from friends and even family, if you can believe it.  No, I'm not worried.  She's grown and can make this decision on her own.  We've trained her in the way she should go, and I trust God's word.

So in the mean time, we'll keep praying, talking, and praying some more.  Mom will just have to trust God with the rest!


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