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My Crayons!!!

This week, I'm participating in the SITS Girls Fall Back To Blogging event.  Each day, I will share some type of story, poem, or something that has to do with Fall.  So pull up a chair and sip a cup of coffee with me.

Today's tale has to do with a grade school memory.  I have many.  Most, I haven't got time enough to share, but this one will do for now.

I was in kindergarten and my Aunt took me to Woolworth's y'all remember that store?  Anyhow, she bought me a 64 pack of crayons.  You remember.  The huge pack with all of the greatest colors imaginable?  I was one happy camper.  I couldn't wait to take it to school and color in my coloring books.  But she strictly told me, "Don't break these 'cause I'm not going to buy another one".  Me, break them?  No way!  I would take the best care of them!

I headed to school and showed the kids at my table my brand new box of Crayola crayons.  Back then, we worked at a large table instead of individual desks, and sat in groups of four.

Now there was this really shy kid that sat in my group.  He rarely talked, and when he did, it wasn't above a whisper.  Alex, yeah..Alex was his name.

That day, Alex had to sit at the table by himself while the rest of the class sat on the floor in the front of the classroom to listen to a story.  I'm not sure why, but he wasn't with the group.  When I arrived back to my table, I beheld the most horrific sight my young eyes could bear to see.  That Monster!  He must have been p'eed off because he sat there and broke every last crayon of mine into little pieces.  Every.Last.One!  I was boiling mad!  My Aunt's words played back in my mind.  I told Alex, "I'm gonna beat you up!

I don't know if it was after school or during a recess, but boy he was going to get it!  I know what your thinking.  I didn't beat him up.  I pushed him real good though before a teacher came running and said "Cut that out", or something along those lines.

When I got home, I told my Aunt hoping that she would make an exception, but nope.  I was out of luck.  That day I learned a lesson.  Keep your 64 pack of crayons at home!


  1. I totally remember that store. It's been forever since I thought about it.

  2. So sad :( I remember how precious those brand new crayons were and knowing, once they were broken or gone, that was it until next school year.

    1. As I look back on it, it's funny that I could remember something that happened soo long ago as if it were yesterday.


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