She's Got Issues Dvd Review

I've have issues!  Yeah, I'm not afraid to admit it either.   The cool about it is I know that everyone has some sort of issue that they are dealing with or need to overcome.  And we all have our ways of working on them. Mine happens to be using learning tools.  I read books, listen to audio disks, and even watch DVDs.

My favorite book right now is She's Got Issue's and I did a review on it a while ago.  You can read about it here.  hen the Dvd became available to review, I jumped at the chance.

And boy, was it good!  I felt like I was in my own little counseling session with the author/ Christian counselor Nicole Unice.

There are 6 sessions:

1. Control
2. Insecurity
3. Comparison
4. Fear
5. Anger
6. Unforgiveness

In each session, the author teaches for about 15 minutes giving each person time to journal in the middle.

What I love about this DVD is that you learn right away that you are NOT the only one who struggles with these issues.  It helps to see women like you sharing their own personal battles without judgement    Another highlight is that you can watch it over and over again, until it really sets in your mind and spirit.  You can also use it as a group experience and invite some friends over for real talk and transformaton.  If your truly are on the journey to a better you, you'll want to add this Dvd to your arsenal.

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