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Time for Fall Fashion!

Image credit Lane Bryant
Autumn is my favorite season, next to Spring.  I actually love the cool, crisp air, and all the cute clothes that you can rock. This Fall, there are so many fun ways to update you wardrobe.  Add a couple of key pieces that you like, or a few accessories, and you'll look trendy without going broke.


Changing your fabrics can be an inexpensive way to update you look.

Leather dresses and skirts 
Black & White patterns
Velvet jackets or pants
Leopard Spots
Tribal or Western Prints
Gold & shiny
Wraps (coats)
Red and Bordeaux colors

Now I have to admit, some of these trends I can do without, but some are actually cute.

image credits JcPenney


Statement Necklaces
Structured Handbags
Boots, boots, and more boots!
Image credit Polyvore

Image Credit Polyvore
This is one of my favorite ways to add to my seasonal look. Something as simple as a new purse can make a difference in your look.

Beauty trends:

Gold and Burgundy Nail Polish colors
Burgundy Lip color

By far, this is the most affordable way to stay in trend this Fall.  Wearing an updated nail lacquer is easy to implement into your wardrobe.  My faves are Golds, rich Browns, and deep Crimsons/Burgundies.


  1. Love the purses and necklaces. I'm an accessory girl.

    1. Me too! I'm thinking on getting some boots, or another purse, or...

  2. Yea, I'm good for adding a bag and shoes as well as sweaters, cardigans, jackets, etc. I don't normally do skirts, but I like to add some dark jeans and different winter pants. I hope to find some boots I like and that fit well in my price range. I have a hard time fitting my calves. I guess I may break down and get some lower than knee level, I really wanted knee level because when I DO choose to wear a skirt I don't like short boots.

    1. I love rocking dark denim and booties in the fall. Although, I'm considering purchasing a pair of knee length boots...maybe brown. Oh, and a cute brown handbag to match. Lol decisions, decisions.

  3. I love the fall....those bags are cute and I love the necklace!


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